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Studio Napas : Behind The Name

Studio Napas produces unique Japanese-style products with  the help of skilled craftsmen in Indonesia. 

Under the theme of  "nature" and "handicrafted", our concept "breathe deeply", and from there the name of Studio Napas is taken.

As humans, we can breathe better and more comfortably when wearing products that have positive stories and backgrounds or are related to nature.
We care about the background of material production, including pollution that can arise from the transportation process, processing of basic materials, or color dyeing.

The uniqueness of Studio Napas lies in the collaboration between the two countries; its products are designed by Japanese designer, Teruri Yamawaki,  but using local Indonesian materials and collaborating with Indonesian artisans. That gives a new aspect to Indonesian handicraft products and a touch of sophisticated taste.

napas; インドネシア語で、「息」「呼吸」を意味する


本らしい ‹ 粋 › をとりこんだものづくりをしています。

‹ "breathe deeply" = 深呼吸しよう › というコンセプトのもと、






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